Maryville University Website Privacy Policy

The website (the “Site”) is owned and operated by Maryville University of St. Louis (the “University” or “Maryville”). The Site provides information related to the educational services provided by Maryville, its academic programs, financial aid, costs of attendance, alumni directories and events, campus life, and other related information and disclosures; and the Site accepts requests for information, and online applications for admission (the “Services”).

This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use, which constitutes a binding agreement between you and Maryville. Please read carefully through all sections of this Privacy Policy. 您对本网站的访问和使用受本隐私政策和所有适用法律的约束. By accessing and/or otherwise using the Site, 或以其他方式提交您的联系信息,以便从PG电子游戏获得更多信息或通过本网站进行财务捐助, 您同意Maryville按照本隐私政策下文所述,使用PG电子游戏通过您使用本网站收集的非个人和个人数据. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, then you may not use the Site and you should not submit your personal data to the Site. This Privacy Policy may be changed by Maryville from time to time without notice to you, and the governing version will be posted on the Site. 请定期查看本隐私政策,因为您对本网站的使用将受现行隐私政策的约束.

玛丽维尔认识到保护PG电子游戏现有和未来学生隐私的重要性, employees, alumni, and other users of the Site. However, PG电子游戏需要使用这些信息来开展合法业务,为PG电子游戏现在和未来的学生提供感兴趣的信息, alumni, or other users of the Site.


除下文明确指出的情况外,PG电子游戏不会向任何第三方披露用户的个人资料. Thus, under California Civil Code Sections 1798.80-1798.84, 业主没有义务向加州居民提供有关业主使用加州居民个人数据的进一步信息. Any inquiries regarding the Terms of Use or, specifically, this Privacy Policy can be directed to the contact identified below.


Except as expressly identified below, Maryville does not disclose a user’s personal data to any third party.

What this Privacy Policy Covers

本隐私政策涵盖Maryville在您访问本网站以及使用本网站提供的服务时收集的非个人身份信息和个人信息的处理. 本政策不适用于非PG电子游戏拥有及/或控制的公司或非PG电子游戏雇用或管理的人员的做法.

本网站可能为您提供到其他学生和/或教师门户网站的链接,这些门户网站可为您提供以下一项或多项个人学术信息, course schedules, course registration, communication functionality between students and faculty, financial aid information, payment information, account status, and other more secure information. These portals require unique user credentials which you have been separately provided. 通过这些门户存储和访问的信息不受本隐私政策的约束,而是受专门适用于这些门户的隐私政策的约束, which you should have been separately provided. For more information regarding the privacy policies which apply to these user portals, please contact us using the contact information provided below.

Maryville policies related to various forms of consumer or other protected information, and employee or student conduct can be found at

Information Collected

IP Address. Maryville may log all connections to our web servers. Those log files will include your IP address. An IP address is NOT Personal Data, but general information about your location, connection to the Internet, and your Internet Service Provider. PG电子游戏使用您的IP地址来帮助诊断服务器问题和管理网站. Additionally, PG电子游戏将使用您的IP地址来跟踪您对网站的浏览和任何内部网站搜索.

Cookies. “cookie”是存储在用户浏览器中的小块信息,可为用户提供唯一标识. The Site uses only Cookies that [(1) create a user session ID, (2) counts the visits by one user, (3) recognize and collect user login information, (4) log user UNIX computer time, and (5) track views of every piece of content of the Site. 所有cookie都是基于每个会话建立的,不会永久存储在您的计算机上. For more information about cookies, please visit

Clear Gifs. PG电子游戏也可能采用一种名为清晰gif(也称为网络信标)的软件技术,通过告知PG电子游戏哪些内容是有效的,帮助PG电子游戏更好地管理PG电子游戏网站上的内容. Clear gifs are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, and are used to track the online movements of users. Clear gifs and cookies are not tied to the user’s personally identifiable information.

Personal Data. We may collect personal data from our users when providing certain Services. Depending upon what you are requesting, the collected Personal Data may include, for example, your name, birth date, social security number, e-mail address, physical address, phone number, your criminal history, citizenship, or previous education history with Maryville or other schools.

Maryville collects Personal Data only when there is a legitimate need to do so. Except as provided herein, we will not distribute your personal data outside of Maryville and our affiliates.

Information Use

How Your Non-Personally Identifiable Information May Be Used.

  • To customize the advertising and content you see on our pages or other websites;
  • To improve the performance or layout of our website;
  • To develop new services and ideas; and
  • To better administer and troubleshoot our systems.

How your Personal Data May be Used.

  • To provide you the Services on the Site;
  • To evaluate and improve the Services;
  • To fulfill your requests for information; and
  • To contact you about Maryville services and those of our affiliates, based on the preferences you have indicated.


Information Sharing and Disclosure

In general, Maryville will not share your Personal Data with any other person or company. However, we will share Personal Data about you to other companies or people when:

  • We need to share your information to provide the service you have requested;
  • PG电子游戏需要将信息发送给代表Maryville为您提供服务的公司(除非PG电子游戏另有说明), 这些公司没有任何权利使用PG电子游戏提供给他们的个人数据,除非是为协助PG电子游戏所必需的);
  • We need to send the information to financial institution, a state or federal education agency, including financial aid providers and/or education regulators or accreditation agencies;
  • We find that your actions on the Site violate the Terms of Use, any of our usage guidelines for specific services or any agreement; and
  • As required to respond to or initiate subpoenas, court orders, or legal process.

In the event you voluntarily share personal or sensitive information on a message board, comments section, or in a chat room offered by the Site, 请注意,这些信息可能会被本网站有权访问此类留言板的其他用户收集和使用, comment sections and chat rooms. 由于您在使用本网站期间自愿分享的信息被滥用,Maryville不承担任何责任. Maryville shall have no obligation to police the message boards, comment sections and chat rooms, but has the ability to remove such information at any time in its sole discretion.

Ability to Review and Edit Your Information

您可以审查和批准存储在PG电子游戏的数据库中并通过您使用本网站获得的有关您的信息. Upon your written request, PG电子游戏将从PG电子游戏的数据库中删除该信息,或根据适用的监管或其他法律要求更改或更正您认为错误的个人数据. You should understand, however, that information about you in Maryville’s database might come from a number of sources.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

玛丽维尔遵守家庭教育权利和隐私法案,通常被称为FERPA. For information regarding FERPA please visit

Change of Control

We may sell or buy other businesses or entities. In such event, we may transfer or assign the information we have collected as part of such merger, acquisition, sale, or other change of control. 在此类交易中,您的个人资料可能包含在转让的业务资产中.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Maryville is committed to be compliant with all Federal regulations, including the Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. 业主只发送电子邮件给那些PG电子游戏的游客谁已要求接收这些通信. You may “opt-out” of any communication from Owner at any time, and we will remove you from our mailing list. 此外,您可以通过以下地址与PG电子游戏联系,并要求从PG电子游戏的邮寄名单中删除.

Commitment to Children’s Privacy

In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, 15 U.S.C., §§ 6501-06 and 16 C.F.R., §§ 312.1-312.12, our Site do not permit children under 13 years of age to become users, and we do not collect information from children. By using our Site, you represent that you are 13 years of age or older.


We will maintain commercially reasonable safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your Personal Data. However, 您承认,任何电子存储方式或互联网上的数据传输都不能保证100%安全.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change, modify, or otherwise update this Policy at any time. These changes or updates will be effective immediately. We may provide you notice of such changes when they are material, such notice may be given by posting on this Site, by electronic or conventional mail, or by any other means by which you obtain notice of the changes or updates.

Policies of Other Sites

The Site may contain links to third-party websites not owned or controlled by Maryville. Maryville不对用户通过第三方链接访问的任何第三方网站的隐私政策负责. 此外,这些第三方网站的隐私政策可能与本隐私政策不同. Maryville不对此类其他第三方网站的隐私惯例承担任何责任. 您应该阅读您访问的每个网站的隐私政策,以确定该网站可能收集PG电子平台您的哪些信息以及他们打算如何使用这些信息.


If you have any questions about Maryville, the Site, the Services, the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, you may contact us at:

Maryville University

650 Maryville University Drive

St. Louis, MO 63141


(Date of Last Revision: May 1, 2016)